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But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.
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New! Photographic history of Alan's life
with fossils and news articles!

          new work     click photos for a closer look at Alan's most amazing work to date... Corpus Core



2012 Outdoor
Sculpture Exhibition
Washburn University,
Topeka, KS

Steel, petrified wood, photo vinyl, dinosaur bone.



Corpus Core  



Corpus Core

A column of fossil Xiphactinus vertebrae within a matrix of dinosaur bone fragments contained in an aluminum structure covered with photographic vinyl.

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E Review: Mid-America's Visual Arts Publication

Alan's Pride

~ Permanent Gift To ~
The Church of
Saint Paul the Apostle

405 W 59th St.  NY, NY
60th St. at Columbus (Ninth) Ave.


6' 4"
t. rex fossil fragments

mosasaur skeleton
10' 5" long
w/ 24k gold and 925 sterling
found in Kansas

8'6" x 3'6" plaster base

Made from what was
in the beginning. 
God's earliest creations...

Divine Transfiguration

lifesize body is edmontosaurus fragments
bronze head & hair
large edmontosaur femur
plaster base

Paleo Echo
Exterior Sculpture

6' tall, 5' wide
steel frame
85 myo cretacious fossils,
bone, horns, petrified wood, dinosaur bones,
xiphactinus bones, coal


Robert at excavation site

A New Book With Alan's Brother, Bob Detrich, As The Main Character!

Boneheads by Richard Polsky

Meet the Boneheads, a modern stone-age family: There's Stan and Steve Sacrisson, eccentric twins from South Dakota, with an uncanny sense for locating rexes. Though one is a gravedigger and the other sleeps in his car, the pair have discovered three of them. Then there's cowboy Bucky Derflinger who discovered two rexes and bought a cattle ranch with the million-dollar proceeds. And finally there's the tribe's monarch: Bob Detrich, a former male model and ball-bearing salesman who goes by the name Fossil King.

Polsky goes into the field to follow a childhood obsession, only to learn that finding a dinosaur is a rocky journey. So come along with Richard Polsky as he gets out into the field in pursuit of a T. rex of his own. Or as the author puts it, "Let others hunt trilobites! I want the big one!

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